This page used to show the status of my G4, as it was started before my machine shipped. Since the G4 is sitting on my desk (and has been for a while), this will just have pictures of my machine and the stats on it.

PowerMac G4

PowerPC G4 (7450) @733 Mhz

768MB of PC133 RAM

Pioneer OEM A03 ("SuperDrive): 8x CD-R write, 4x CD-RW rewrite, 32x(?) CD Read, 6x(?) DVD read, 2x DVD-R write, 1x DVD-RW rewrite. Flashed to a Pioneer RPC-1 drive (1.68). In an external firewire case.

LiteOn LTD-163D DVD-ROM drive (16x DVD read, 48x CD-ROM). Flashed RPC-1 (GHR3)

60GB IBM 75GXP Hard Drive (7200 RPM)

40GB Quantum Fireball EX Hard Drive (7200 RPM)

100GB Western Digital Caviar 1000BB (7200 RPM)

40GB Western Digital Caviar 400BB (7200 RPM)

ATi Radeon 8500 (64MB DDR RAM)

Sony E400 19" CRT Monitor

Samsung 150MP 15" LCD Monitor

Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer

Apple Pro Keyboard

Keyspan Digital Media Remote (17 key)

Mac OS 9.2.2/Mac OS X 10.2.2

Detailed Hard Drive info (notice the Love Hina theme?):

Naru: 40GB partition (IBM), main OS 9.2.2 drive

Mutsumi: ~18GB partition (IBM), main OS X 10.2.3 drive, 9.2.2 for classic

Shinobu: 80GB partition (WD), no OS

Motoko: ~11.5GB partition (WD), no OS

Kitsune: 40GB partition (Quantum)

Haruka: 40GB partition (Maxtor), no OS

Kaolla: 30MB RAM Disk, no OS (only when in 9.2.2)